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          First, let’s pay our respects to the troops of the NHS who are going to hold the front line of world war three. Secondly, let’s give credit to the top of the food chain, us. There is no reason to underestimate us when we have never run the experiment of uniting as a species against a common threat, against a plague. With each day passing we are isolating further and further from each other, yet growing closer through shared drama within the catastrophe. We are going to stay in the now and look up in glances to our future as it stands during this, because the future is bright.

Like innovation in war, we think our best in times like these and we are augmenting our culture, health, and technology simultaneously, and these tasks combined are going to change the climate in ways we could have never forced into action on unified terms without a global pandemic. We’re going to spend some time in the economic trenches now; we’ve done it before, but it will be less painful. Still, we are going to have to take the pain for the greater good of the species, and we are all doing so without much resistance. 

Personally, I'm quite proud of the British government for the first time in a long time. Trump’s responses to journalists over the last crucial days will be studied like a You’ve Been Framed video capturing humanity's most fragile yet finest moment handled by a strange orange child who seemed to have one foot in his job, and the other on a luxury yacht anchored up well away from all this. It is our darkest hour.

Pessimist or optimist, pick your poison, but the orders, although seemingly bleak, are ubiquitous and correct among the effected nations. The decision of how to maintain our health is universal: stay indoors, isolate, keep your body moving, hydrate, and stimulate your immune system by any means possible. A still body kept at a certain temperature for too long will turn into a warm swampy soup of thriving bacteria, especially now most people are not going to be leaving the house and working from home. This precaution is something that has never been done before.

If fifty percent of the population is forced to work from home for sake of health, then a new phase of virtual infrastructure is going to be built at record speed in order to stop the economy completely collapsing. We will get comfortable with working like this, and it will be managed by our already in place cybernetic relationship. Companies are already adapting and functioning extremely well in this new isolated workplace, and now more companies are being forced into adopting new ways of work by developing advanced VPN networks, and they will accomplish it completely. 

This sudden contraction of our species has sparked societal evolution and it has changed the working world as we know it. We are embracing technology further and learning that not all of us need to be in an office everyday of the week, and the effect of this on the climate may save our planet.

This will remove millions of vehicles from our roads and the lack of demand for oil will destabilise a major pillar in the economy, but it had to happen at some point and people all over the world are already starting to see giant changes in the air and water. We have turned off a lot of the world's engines in the last few days and there are already improvements in the atmosphere. Now we are turning off nearly all of the engines, and when it's done, we are going to jolt the temperature of the earth. Whether that’s good or not, we’re about to find out, but we are about to make a giant leap in the climate change department in less than a week. Let's say fifty percent of the world does this within the next month: it will be an amazing feat social engineering which will cut carbon emissions in a way we never even considered. 

Fifty percent of people will no longer leave the house at six in the morning spilling coffee all over their vaginas and penises. How many hours of our lives will be gained back through minimal road travel? How many hours of our lives have we spent sat in traffic, pissing in bottles, eating McDonalds, blindly cramming giant packets of Doritos into our faces, drinking gallons of stinking Costa Coffee, listening to deafening music and screaming at the windscreen, or whatever one does to pass that precious time. Worse still, how many hours are we belching fumes out the arsehole of our motors. Jesus Christ, we have been breathing that shit in constantly

Suddenly, it has slowed almost to a halt and you can already taste it in the air. 

This unified response to this plague and flock like behaviour has set the conditions for a new, cleaner, healthier, more technically advanced future that is going to give us a percentage of our lives back, and encourage a four day week. This could be a nudge in human evolution happening before our very eyes: the corona cataclysm has triggered the zeitgeist we needed to save our climate, and we are moving into the dawn of a new society, economy, better health, all with a raised consciousness.

When it becomes global, when it’s really crunch time, it brings the best out of us because we have no choice. People are working day and night to set the sails for this new wind, in this new current, and people have never been more energised to find solutions, to organise, deliver, and now all the minds are coming together to shepherd us into a new age. 

It’s going to be stormy but exciting. It’s gonna be scary, but we are going to look after each other. And let’s keep in mind the end, and prepare ourselves for the other side of this because there are going to be opportunities like never before, and the post plague party or end of the world piss-up of this organised chaos is going to be bigger than the world cup. When lock down commences someday in March of 2020, the atomic clock will finally strike midnight, and doomsday will commence. But we will beat the clock.

Through the mud

and through the blood

to the green grass beyond.



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  • A very accurate summery and description of what’s actually happening.
    It won’t surprise you, that I can relate and agree with everything that you have described so eloquently .
    I hope Your wise words reach the puppet masters that haven’t witnessed the things you have, in your young life.
    I hope this is a wake up call, that isn’t wasted , who knows what microscopic demons are waiting, about to leave the permafrost , ready to pounce , the lid has been lifted , and dropped back down , we need to wake up and smell the fresh air and screw the lid down .
    Do we all need to go skiing for the weekend, or commuting from France to Luton to live in a bed sit all week to dish out a few instructions and have meetings.
    Vans passing vans ,to do similar work at opposite ends of the country , evenings wasted in hotels that should be with family’s ,a couple of hours in the garden.
    There are to many of us , all chasing rainbows, wanting everything now or tomorrow at the latest , as cheap as possible.
    Etc etc .
    Good luck and love to you all Grant, I hope some of the ride is enjoyable and I hope you have all have a safe landing 🤗🤗

    Carl Bayliss

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